Change at Grünenthal: Dr. Philip Just Larsen becomes new Chief Scientific Officer


The Aachen enterprise Grünenthal appoints Philip Just Larsen as the “Chief Scientific Officer” (CSO) und member of the group management. Since 1st July, 2018 Larsen heads the research and development organisation of Grünenthal. He therefore follows the former research director Dr. Klaus-Dieter Langner who leaves the company after 20 years.

Larsen is internist and neurologist by training and obtained a PhD in the area of neuroscience/endocrinology. He shifted from Sanofi in Frankfurt where he worked in the field of research and development. For many years, he worked in the pharmaceutical research area and transferred pre-clinical projects into the clinical development. Larsen possessed further international experience in management positions at Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk. He participated in the development of three new active substances that obtained a market approval each. Beyond that, he established and led the Biotech-enterprise Rheoscsience A/S.

Press Release

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