Grünenthal Group receives CE marking and EAP status for fibrin glue

The start up company Adhesys Medical GmbH which was absorbed by the Grünenthal Group in April 2017 receives important certifications for two of its fibrin glue products. On the one hand, Adhesys Medical GmbH receives the European CE marking for the fibring glue Cutis out of the series Flix® which serves for the external application after a surgical intervention. This product substitutes the conventional treatment with stitches and staples. Besides, the Group obtained the American Expedited Access Pathway (EAP) status of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its fibrin glue VIVO which is used within the body itself. VIVO is especially meant to prevent from internal bleeding in the gastro-intestinal system after surgical intervention.

Both products are part of the innovative portfolio by the Grünenthal Group for the development of surgical fibrin glue. With the acquisition of Adhesys Medical GmbH the Grünenthal Group has received the global progress and sales rights of an innovative portfolio for surgical fibrin glues and the underlying polyurethane-based technology platform.

Further information:
EAP status for VIVO
CE marking for Cutis

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