Medical Magnesium GmbH is among the “Spin-off Award” laureates

The Transfer- und Gründerzentrum (TGZ) of the RWTH Aachen University honors enterprise start-ups out of universities for the third time this year with the Spin-off Award. Within the framework of the annual Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference (atec) on November 30th 2018 the awarding takes place by Prof. Malte Brettel, vice-rector of economy and industry of the RWTH Aachen University.

As a member of MedLife e.V. Medical Magnesium GmbH is among the laureates as well. The High-Tech start-up develops implants which combine the ability to stabilize and a controlled bioabsorption. Fractures can therefore be treated in a single operation and the removal of the titanium implant within a second operation becomes redundant.

Further laureates: “aedifion GmbH”, “Polarstern Education UG”, “”

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