reACT LogoThe RUBIN (Regional Entrepreneurial Alliances for Innovation) reACT alliance from the Aachen technology region has set itself the goal of transferring dissolving implants into medical use in the medium to long run and thus making a direct contribution to structural change in the region. The alliance wants to achieve this through a holistic approach and a sustainable utilisation concept. It connects a wide variety of companies and research partners from the field of medical technology in order to facilitate a smooth transition from research to application.

The reACT alliance consists of 21 members. Characterised by a predominantly mid-sized company core, the alliance combines the impact and dynamism of young companies with the experience of established medical technology players and research institutions. The alliance is coordinated by Meotec GmbH.

reACT is divided into five focus areas – the Verticals:

  • Vertical 1 – Next Generation Innovation
  • Vertical 2 – Soft Tissue Regeneration
  • Vertical 3 – Bone Repair
  • Vertical 4 – Cardiovascular Intervention
  • Vertical 5 – Tech Education

The MedLife e. V., the BioMedTech network of the Aachen technology region, will contribute its expertise to Vertical 1 and develop models for bundling the science management competences of the alliance from science and industry with the aim of facilitating knowledge transfer, creating sustainability of knowledge and initiating an optimal knowledge dialogue within the alliance.

This also serves to advance the development of future innovative solutions for the health sector. With our core competence and the interdisciplinary networking between actors from BioMedicine, Medical Technology, Healthcare, Science and Research, we can support the development of a model-based product development process and strengthen the innovation potential of the Alliance and the MedTech Region Aachen.

To learn more about the project, visit the project page or follow the project on LinkedIn .


reACT Overview

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