Health Innovation Euregion

  • 27. Juni 2023
    12:00 - 18:00

Health Innovation Euregion

We know from experience that it is much better and easier to fulfil promising ideas and ambitious aspirations if you work on them together. And if you come into contact with the right people and groups, if you know who to contact for what, and if you know the best routes to take for the paths that are right for you.

That is why we are organizing Health Innovation Euregion 2023, in which we bring beginning and more established entrepreneurs and scientists in contact with relevant authorities and organizations, with investors, and with experienced entrepreneurs and other parties that can help. So that they can meet one another, do things together, share good and bad experiences, learn from and with one another, and more.

The Health Innovation Euregion Event is an initiative by Medtronic, Medace, LifetecZONe, the municipality of Maastricht, LIOF, Brightlands, and Rabobank for everyone who supports innovation in health care and life sciences.


  • “Corporate to a Startup: Similarities, differences and lessons learned”
  • “Startup and scale-up banking within healthcare at Rabobank”
  • “Essential founders financials”
  • “The biotech rollercoaster ride to success”
  • “Why clinical trials fail”

You can find the program and registration here.




Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht