Doctoral Network BIOMEND

BIOMEND-logoBIOMEND is an Industrial Doctorate Network (DN) programme that will provide world-class interdisciplinary training to 15 high-performing Doctoral Candidates (DCs) in the field of BIOabsorbable Metallic ENdovascular Medical Devices (BIOMEND). The consortium spans seven European countries and includes leading academic, clinical and industry experts to promote international, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral aspects of DC skills development.

The research objective of BIOMEND is to develop the next generation of bioabsorbable metals for endovascular medical devices for both cardiovascular and peripheral applications.

In addition to these technological breakthroughs, the BIOMEND programme will make a significant scientific impact by developing novel ultra-fine grain Mg & Zn alloys and establishing new structure-property-processing relationships describing their performance.  The comprehensive skills provided by the programme will enhance the career development and employability of the DCs in the medical technology sector and promote their development into leading innovators in the European medical technology sector.

More information can be found on Deadline: February 15th 2024, 23:59 (GMT+1)

The consortium consists of 18 partners, 5 of which are members of a MedLife:

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