General Meeting MedLife e.V. 2018

The general meeting 2018 of MedLife e.V. took place with a vivid contribution in the newly opened Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems (CBMS) on the RWTH Aachen Campus Melaten. Among others a new advisory board was elected.


Professor from Aachen is a ‘Leibniz – Best Minds’

Since January 2018, Dr.-Ing. Laura De Laporte from the ‘DWI – Leibniz Institute für Interactive Materials’ gets encouraged for her outstanding work within the Leibniz Association’s program for female professors. The programm is part of the initiative ‘Leibniz – Best Minds’.


Grünenthal Excursion

Gruenenthal GmbH does research on easing and preventing painful experience. 16 participants had the opportunity to do an excursion and to gain an insight in this particular field.


Apply for Innovationspreis 2018 der Bioregionen Deutschlands

With this year’s Innovationspreis 2018 3 patent applications or granted applications from the field of modern biotechnology or medical engineering relating to biotechnology will be honored. The overall aim is to support scientists and researchers with their implementation of marketable ideas and their business formation.


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